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Western Profiles
of Innovative
Agricultural Marketing:

Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises



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Individual files of each book chapter in pdf format.

Front matter (title, copyright page, table of contents) plus Preface (116k)
Russell Tronstad

Introduction: Getting Started with Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism (152k)
Rod Sharp and William Rigg

Creative Growers: Pursuing a “Customer Intimacy” Approach
Larry Lev

Seabreeze Organic Farm: Farming on the Urban Edge
Ramiro Lobo and Etaferahu Takele

Nalo Farms: Servicing High-End Restaurants
Stuart T. Nakamoto

Love Family Farms: Kona Coffee for the Japanese Market
Kent Fleming and Stuart T. Nakamoto

Cattail Creek Farm: Building a Successful Part-Time Farm through Informal
Collaborative Agreements
Larry Lev

Rocky Mountain Beef Cooperative: Marketing “Natural” Beef
Rod Sharp

The Holualoa Kona Coffee Company: Marketing Memorable Experiences and High-Quality Products
Stuart T. Nakamoto and Kent Fleming

Sunfresh Farms: A Project That Quickly Mushroomed into a Large Direct-Marketing Business
Russell Tronstad

English Farm: Krazy Korn Maze
Rod Sharp

Schnepf Farms: The Southwest’s Premier Family Entertainment Farm
Russell Tronstad

Mother Nature’s Farm: Marketing the Farm Experience and Diverse Products
Russell Tronstad

Southridge Farms: Moose Droppings for Sale
Ruby Ward, DeeVon Bailey, and Dean Miner

Mebane Farms: Pastured Poultry
Rod Sharp

Honeyacre Produce Company: Successfully Adapting to Change
Wendy Umberger and Dawn Thilmany

American Pet Diner: Marketing Alfalfa to Pets
William Riggs

Thompson Farms: Do Real Farmers Sell Direct?
Larry Lev

Harward Farms: Sweet Corn
Ruby Ward, DeeVon Bailey, and Dean Miner

Summary: Guiding Principles for Innovative Direct Marketing of Agricultural Products
Wendy Umberger, Larry Lev, and Russell Tronstad


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